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I no longer live on LI and miss the authentic deli food I grew up eating. We stumbled upon Mike’s place while visiting MB and returned several times throughout our stay. The food is absolutely amazing and brought back such fond memories. It’s not on the beaten path yet so worth finding for lunch. The eggplant is on par with my besti ... read more
Cheryl Emmerich via - Sep 16, 2020
Excellent food and service.
Lois White via - Sep 12, 2020
First time here, I had chicken ...
First time here, I had chicken cutlet on roll with fresh mozzarella, also picked up some bagels, and knishes ! Great, we will be back ... read more
Andrew B. via - Aug 15, 2020
Long Island Deli catered a small ...
Long Island Deli catered a small party for us this week. Mike prepared a cold platter with meats and cheeses and various kinds of breads and rolls. We also had three salads and fresh made meatballs. Everything was great and there was plenty of food. Our guests really enjoyed it. Cost was very reasonable. Would highly recommend them f ... read more
Michael R. via - Jul 4, 2020
Breakfast sandwiches and açaí bowls are amazing!!!!!
ashley J via - Jun 19, 2020
If you are from Long Island and miss it, it brings you back home with good food ... read more
Joseph Sutera via - Jun 18, 2020
OUTSTANDING! I am originally from NY but have lived in Texas for the last 20 years. We moved to MB and tried Long Island Deli....excellent. I feel like I'm back in NY. EVERY sandwich is wonderful. I've tried several. The pastrami and corn beef are melt in your mouth great! Mike the owner (if I remember correctly) is very nice.
Bob via - Jun 5, 2020
Breakfast was amazing,highly recommended👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 ... read more
TONY ALLEN via - May 27, 2020
I'm from Long Island and grew up ...
I'm from Long Island and grew up going to delis for sandwiches. The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich was my go to breakfast sandwich in high school and this place has perfected the Long Island deli experience. The breakfast sandwiches are excellent. When my dad comes to visit, he comes here every day for a sandwich. I usually rotate b ... read more
David R. via - May 2, 2020
These people are the real deal ...
These people are the real deal. As a born and raised Long Islander, I was hesitant to try a deli down in Myrtle Beach let alone one that has Long Island in the name. The second you walk into the deli you are bombarded with the smell of fresh cooked bacon and super nice owners. This place is the real deal and I'm so happy we are able ... read more
Jaclyn M. via - Apr 1, 2020
This deli really symbolizes Long ...
This deli really symbolizes Long Island and I couldn't be happier. From the rolls to the drink selection to Saran wrapping the mac salad to the way the coffee station is set up and shout-out to the refrigerated drinks. All looks and feels like Long Island and makes my heart pitter patter. Thank you for existing in the south.
Ashley P. via - Feb 29, 2020
There service was wonderful had eggs white on a roll . They use real eggs not the milk carton kind. Coffee was real good as well. Thank you ... read more
Maria Di Bono via - Feb 17, 2020
I just love this place!
Lena Evans via - Feb 12, 2020
Home Town Excitement
We moved off LI 40 years ago to VT and were thrilled when we saw this deli. It did not disappoint. It had been years since I had a knish and it was as delicious as I remembered. The potato salad brought us back to...More ... read more
kathleenmG4640QU via - Feb 5, 2020
The best deli south of New York! You won't find better food or people anywhere else. If you haven't eaten here you are missing out.
Thomas Iurilli via - Jan 11, 2020
Needs to be open sunday so I can have a good start to my day. Please open Sunday morning for a few hours. Hands down by far the best breakfast I have had since I've lived here if you are from NY or Long island this place will bring you right back home I work on 501 and to go here would be to go out of my way like 6 miles in the mor ... read more
Joe C via - Jan 6, 2020
My wife Connie and I, stop in often, great bagels, egg sandwiches, and anything you can think of. True Long Island Deli, we love it! Great owner and nice staff.
Charlie Houser via - Dec 27, 2019
My wife Connie and I, stop in often ...
My wife Connie and I, stop in often, great bagels, egg sandwiches, and anything you can think of.  True Long Island Deli, we love it!  Great owner and nice staff.
Charlie H. via - Dec 26, 2019
Very modern, very clean, owner is very personable food is fantastic ... read more
Stanley Martin via - Dec 7, 2019
As close to a NY breakfast sandwich as you can get! Excellent food, and friendly staff ... read more
Marissa Nave via - Dec 7, 2019
The best thing to come out of NYC
We usually complain about the New Yorkers that transplant here in Carolina Forest, but this one can stay. Wife and I shared sandwiches both were excellent. The toughest part of eating here is what to choose from the huge menu. So many tasty choices so...More ... read more
tomg853 via - Nov 7, 2019
Hands down by far the best breakfast I have had since I've lived here if you are from NY or Long island this place will bring you right back home I work on 501 and to go here would be to go out of my way like 6 miles in the morning but guess what i will be doing just that!!! Amazing sandwich I am tempted to go get another one right ... read more
Joe C via - Oct 27, 2019
Just discovered this place today! Ordered a steak Philly and it’s perfect. Clean restaurant, friendly owner, large menu for picky eaters(like me), 5 stars all the way.
Jeff Gabriel via - Oct 2, 2019
Great breakfast sandwiches. Taylor Ham, egg n cheese !!! And they had black and white cookies!! Yum ... read more
Raymond Wacha via - Sep 9, 2019
I could probably write a dissertation on why Long Island Deli is the best lunch place in myrtle beach, but I'm too busy eating here twice a day. The staff are unbelievably kind, the coffee is bomb, and they make REAL Acai.
Tara R via - Sep 6, 2019
Our Family loves this place! The food is Excellent and the staff are helpful. We hope they never leave. Thanks ... read more
Larry Bryant via - Aug 30, 2019
Delicious sandwiches
We have eaten here several times. Everything is always fresh and delicious. Açaí bowls are awesome !! Cajun turkey sub and Italian both great as well !!
Ksquared843 via - Aug 7, 2019
Great sandwiches and nice to have a local spot close to our neighborhood!
Kerri Stephan via - Jul 17, 2019
Love this place! Everything is ...
Love this place! Everything is super fresh and made right then and there. My husband loves the açaí bowls and I always get the #17! Super nice staff and  hidden deli in MB.
Veronica C. via - Jun 28, 2019
Best egg sandwich I've had in over 20 years!
Big Mike via - May 29, 2019
Incredible. Deli sandwiches are top notch. The flavor and quality of meats and breads is first rate. Best deli place in Myrtle Beach.
Watson Family via - May 8, 2019
The staff is incredibly friendly and the food is delicious! Highly recommend ... read more
Alicia Gardner via - May 6, 2019
Looking for the fabled New York style BEC? (That's bacon, egg and cheese for those not from NY) Look no further; it's right here. And it's just as you remember it.
Jenn Morandi via - Apr 29, 2019
Great breakfast sandwiches ... read more
Mark Smith via - Apr 29, 2019
It's always nice to see a fellow Long Islander but it's even nicer to meet one with a deli that has an authentic taste of home. The service was great and the sandwiches are perfect. I will definitely be back as much as I can. You've seen all the internet memes floating around about how there is no breakfast like a bacon, egg and chee ... read more
Joseph Farruggio via - Apr 19, 2019
Awesome!!! Amazing sandwiches and hot food! Best Catering around!!! Everything is delicious!!! A sincere favorite! Highly recommend ... read more
Michelle Pascucci via - Apr 19, 2019
Once we discovered Long Island Deli, that was it! We're regulars. Sandwiches are unbelievably good. A true NY deli experience here in Myrtle Beach. Everyone needs to go there!
Kathleen Gregory via - Apr 11, 2019
They have amazing sandwiches and the staff is friendly and professional. Totally love this place.
D. Mc via - Mar 13, 2019
Comida favorita ... read more
Yonny Carranza via - Feb 28, 2019
Nostalgic Lunch!!
Having grown up on Long Island, my wife and I were excited about giving Long Island Deli and Caterers a try for lunch. We remember the delicious sandwiches we used to get at the delicatessens in Valley Stream, Oceanside, Holbrook, Lynbrook and other LI villages....More ... read more
RetiredBeachers29526 via - Feb 22, 2019
As good as it gets on LI
Growing up on LI, and living around the country, there are certain things you miss. From black & white cookies, to knishes, to butter rolls, to heroes made the right way. This place has all that and more. Salads are fabulous.
LOBO095 via - Jan 7, 2019
Great food and excellent service. Very quick ... read more
Ryan Seipt via - Dec 7, 2018
Excellent home cooked meals ... read more
Mario Gaudiomonte via - Dec 3, 2018
Excellent sandwiches!!
Melissa Steward via - Oct 13, 2018
The sandwich I had was exceptional, but the staff was so friendly and helpful that this will definitely be a new favorite spot! I highly recommend it!!
Don Connor via - Oct 12, 2018
What a selection of sandwiches, hot foods and sides. Being from NY I was thrilled to see some familiar names on the menu. Everything from The Islander, to Jones Beach to North Shore. All Boars Head meats and homemade salads. Now the breakfast menu has...More ... read more
zwizz94 via - Sep 22, 2018
Much needed addition to the carolina ...
Much needed addition to the carolina forest area, so often places promise an authentic NY Deli and do not deliver. This checks all the boxes!. The bagels are exactly the ones I fondly recall from my youth on the north shore of Long Island. You could put this place in any town or village in Long Island and it would pass muster. Do you ... read more
Sean P. via - Sep 17, 2018
Great food and great service.
Great food and great service.
Elwin Miles via - Aug 30, 2018
Fantastic food and great people. We order almost every day and always a pleasure. Best chicken salad, best macaroni salad and best breakfast!!! Top notch for sure ... read more
Erin Handley via - Aug 15, 2018
Delicious. Finally found true long island food.
Jonnie Foulkes via - Jul 29, 2018
Acai bowls! Delicious heros!
Brittany Burio via - Jul 29, 2018
Now a re-transplanted Charlestonian ...
Now a re-transplanted Charlestonian the pains of pizza and bagels do not run very deep anymore, acceptance has set in. Single store breakfast operations are not common, its just not big -- bacon egg & cheese on a roll, salt, pepper, ketsup coffee and a paper town. Pulling in as fast as fast as my feet could hit the pedal, I ordered o ... read more
Glenn V. via - Jul 29, 2018
Great little place
Tucked away in a quiet spot is this fantastic little place. Great for lunch & breakfast. Breakfast, Sandwiches, muffins, coffee- all awesome!
GailLAMBERT via - Jun 22, 2018
Long Island Deli & Catererers is simply Fantastic! Everything from the best breakfast sandwiches to 42+ specialty sandwiches or create your own in addition to Fresh & Delicious hot meal offerings!!! They also have an excellent catering menu with food quality to match!!! Everything is...More ... read more
myscshell via - Jun 21, 2018
The best around
The best around ... read more
Brendan O'Connor via - May 29, 2018
Long Island Deli, Carolina Forest Rd
Fabulous breakfast sandwich’s, great rolls, good coffee, service with a smile. Breakfast was soooo good went back for lunch. Extensive menu board, good roll or bread choices, fabulous deli case which allows for off the menu sandwich ordering. After picking out the main sandwich, choice...More ... read more
Joseph M via - May 28, 2018
I really liked this place. Reminds me of when I was in deli's back home.
Hank Rear via - Apr 29, 2018
I ordered an Italian sub. I must ...
I ordered an Italian sub. I must say it was a perfect blend of boar head products. I enjoyed every bite immensely. The bread was ok but short in length- maybe 9 inches 3 inches wide.  $10.00 for a sandwich that left me hungry I won't be back. Incidentally they offered me chips and a salad to accompany the sandwich which I refused. If ... read more
Ron D. via - Apr 27, 2018
Had the pleasure of eating at the L I Deli today with my wife Eva . I had a version of what we sold
Had the pleasure of eating at the L I Deli today with my wife Eva . I had a version of what we sold in our store , Honey maple Turkey melted swiss coleslaw and Russian dressing on rye topped off with a Dr Browns . All I can say is that they got this business figured out i couldn't have done it better . It will definitely be a stop w ... read more
Michael Kaminsky via - Apr 24, 2018
Place is legit.. new sandwich spot.! Best Mac salad I’ve had down south! Just like back home.
Place is legit.. new sandwich spot.! Best Mac salad I’ve had down south! Just like back home.
Justin Mills via - Apr 11, 2018
The bacon egg and cheese is just like home. So far everything we’ve tried has been excellent. We ar
The bacon egg and cheese is just like home. So far everything we’ve tried has been excellent. We are so excited this deli opened. If you haven’t been yet, go now.
Jennifer Massullo via - Apr 6, 2018
Had a BEC and it was the best I’ve ever had in MB!
Had a BEC and it was the best I’ve ever had in MB!
Heather MacPherson via - Apr 4, 2018
Just like back home ... read more
Clinton Belyski via - Mar 29, 2018
Good food. Gone there twice. The service was good. I would recommend this place to friends.
Renee Lytton via - Mar 29, 2018
Sandwiches are amazing! So glad to have found this place!
Jennifer DeCarlo via - Mar 29, 2018
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